Monday, January 31, 2011

'Missing' NYPD Barriers 'Found' On MacDougal Street

The New York Post reports that somewhere 3,000 NYPD barriers used for crowd control were reported missing or stolen in the past year. The NYPD said the number is actually 1,700 and includes those that break.

Sometimes the barries are turned into public seating. Gothamist wonders how many of you have one in your living room. And NYPD spokesman Paul Browne told the Post: "Clubs and other institutions will often take use after the police used them, and we go out and take them back."

Which brings us to the barriers seen above, on the corner of MacDougal and Houston Streets. They've been there forever, which means I can't remember not seeing them there. They are normally stationed in the adjacent parking space, cordoning it off on either end. If a business is saving the parking space, I've never actually seen a car parked there, but normally pass by after business hours. Either way, it seems clear they are not being used by the NYPD for any reason, but instead have been repurposed by someone else. So now we are down to 1,697 missing, stolen or broken barries.

Have you seen barriers in "unauthorized" use? A pile of them sitting near the roadside? Please send in your photos.

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