Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kenny Scharf Restores Bowery Mural; Flirts With Bystanders

Kenny Scharf was in town this weekend for the opening of his new exhibit and returned to Houston Street yesterday evening to again restore his oft vandalized "wacky/day-glo/surreal" mural. 

Friend of NYC The Blog The Late Adopter was on the scene last night and sends along some photos and a brief report: "Kenny was interacting with the crowd," of about 20 to 30 people Casale explained, greeting one woman having her picture taken in front of the mural with a "hey beautiful."

Scharf might have to come back again. "If it gets hit once, it’s all downhill after that," he told The New York Post. "If there’s another blizzard, they’ll just do it again.” Though the security cameras now installed might deter the less determined. More photos below.

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