Monday, August 2, 2010

Put Your City On: Facial Graffiti; Hipster Runoff Graffiti; Worst Bars; Google Earth Sees Your Unpermitted Pool; More!

Talking on the phone on the Lower East Side
  • The Facial Graffiti of Tribeca [Tribeca Citizen]
  • What's your least favorite bar in NYC? [Reddit
  • Video of the Giglio boys setting up the monument for next weekend’s Feast of the Giglio festival in Harlem on 114th and Pleasant Ave [Here's to me]
  • AudioMole is the place to track and stay updated on underground/street art, music and shows you saw in passing but had no idea where to find them again. [Audio Mole NYC
  • Hipster Runoff graffiti discovered in the basement bathroom of Soho's McNally Jackson Bookstore [Max Abelson]
  • Google Earth Used to Find Unpermitted Pools on Long Island. Also hidden pools in Williamsburg [1010 Wins]
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