Thursday, August 26, 2010

Boston Deluxe Employee Takes It To The Street; Demands Salary

A presumed employee of the Boston Deluxe bus service—a one line shuttle transporting riders between Manhattan and Boston—is alleging the company has unfairly withheld salary, among other complaints. How do we know that? Because as residents of Chinatown are wont to do, this individual took it to the streets. Completely covering a minivan with fliers that detail a litany of complaints in English and Chinese, the individual parked the vehicle on a busy stretch of Bowery near the Manhattan Bridge. The area is busy with stops by competing lines.

In addition to demanding a salary, "right now!!!" from a one Jack Ho, the complainant implores people to be careful when taking this bus company. "Ladies and Gentleman," one sign began politely, "beware when you buy tickets with credit/debit cards. This company has horrible service. This company is a liar...No credit, no office, no address. Didn't pay employee salary!!"

According the files online at the U.S. DOT, the Boston Deluxe does have an office at 2 Mott Street, Suite 402. The record also states their "operation classification" is suspended. The company did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment.
For those who use these transportation options, RK Chin's NYC Chinatown website has a comprehensive list of low-cost bus lines, "and other transportation options to-and-from NYC." Included are links to their U.S. DOT records.

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