Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Greedy Landlord Whose Ass Stinks

I'm not sure what this wonderfully illustrated sign says, but it is plastered all over Chinatown, Little Italy and the Lower East Side. Some residents of Chinatown have a tendency to use signs (like the one above) to publicly chastise others they are in conflict with. Often times landlords and developers are a target. Knowing this, I'm going to take a stab at translating the flyer: "John Woo is a greedy landlord who is trying to throw us out of apartment so he can build condos. He is a blood thirsty evil man and has shut off our electricity and will not obey the law! He releases nasty gas from his ass. He is illegally trying to throw us out of our apartment!" That's what the sign might say. In the meantime, if anyone else wants to take a crack at the translation, please give it a go.

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