Tuesday, July 27, 2010

East Village Man

On the street over the weekend, a man stood on 1st Avenue in the East Village wearing an outfit so perfect it gave me pause. High fashion bohemia masquerading as 1920 thrift store? And the way it was all put together was extraordinary. The colors, the fabric, the textures. Layered perfectly, one complimenting the next. Even little details like turquoise gems and gold jewelry were accounted for. In a final gesture, a scarf with fringe was draped around his neck.

I walked by and stared at him. “I love your outfit,” spilled out of my mouth. He looked behind himself, then looked at me again, a smile cracking his face. “Yah, yours” I told him, “it’s amazing.”

He lit up. “Its Yves St Laurent from 1920,” he gleefully explained, pawing his scarf and becoming animated. “I was on the Titantic. I modeled for the Beatles. I’m friends with Patti Smith. I was a model in the 70s.”

"I want to take you picture, may I?" He told me he was in a car accident a few years ago, “that’s why.”

“That’s why what?” I asked.

“That’s why I wear these things. In case I ever get hit by a car again and die.”

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