Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update On World Cup Pop Up At Open House; 201 Mulberry Street

201 Mulberry Street is not a World Cup pop up store anymore. A "Mercedes-Benz R-Class Lounge" has taken up residence instead. Outfitted inside with a Mercedes-Benz SUV, lounge chairs, and ashtrays that have been used (tsk tsk), the store has not been open at anytime I passed, either early and late morning, or late evening. What's more, Mercedes-Benz occupied the space only three days after the aforementioned concern, PlayBeautiful, was photographed busily at work setting up for their World Cup "pop-up viewing-hub," set to open June 20 according to their website.

NYC The Blog emailed PlayBeautiful inquiring as to what happened to the pop-up store that was present just few days ago; they responded, advising the store will be "open again" on June 20 and offered a "media preview" when they were set up. Open again? What happened? Were they just in a test run last week? A follow up email requesting more information was not returned.

The vague subterfuge is not surprising, when I photographed the storefront last week, an employee of PlayBeautiful was none to pleased, sternly instructing me I was not allowed to take photos.

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