Friday, June 4, 2010

Top Secret Photos Of World Cup Pop Up Store In Nolita

These photos of a World Cup pop up store at 201 Mulberry Street were snapped yesterday under duress, and without the approval of the women working inside Open House, a retail space rented out for events, short term retail and pop up stores. L'internet tells us that an organization called PlayBeautiful will open the space on June 11 20 for a World Cup "pop-up viewing-hub." There was quite a bit of merchandise on the sales floor as well.

When the aforementioned women noticed me taking photos, she quickly exited the store to ask me if could help, and to request that I refrain from taking photos. When I explained my intent to take photos of the storefront, just a couple to document the neighborhood, she asked, "for who?" Either way, she continued, taking photographs of the store was not allowed. Explaining that it was indeed permissible in public, and that I didn't mean any harm, I took one more photo. At that, she immediately dialed someone on the phone to explain the situation and learn the next course of action.

Memory Lane: Here is video footage of Mulberry Street shortly after Italy won the World Cup in 2006. Believe it or not, the celebration had really settled down when that clip was filmed.

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