Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3 Easy Steps For A DIY Unicyle: Lock Only Your Bicycle's Tire, Leave It Unattended For A Bit, Come Back.

In spite of New York City's reputation as the bike theft capital of the planetary universe, many cyclists still believe it alright to lock only the tire. These two sad and lonely tires will tell you it's not. Some people even choose to use no lock at all.

Unfortunately, the experience of many shows, you will most likely lose your bike unless it is securely locked. But not all is lost if you come back to find only your tire left behind; now you can learn to ride a unicycle.

Consider riding a child's bike. They are agile and quick, easy to lock up, and do not require much effort to bring up and down stairs. If you bring it inside, you can at least keep the bicycle in your presence. Because as seen below, even encasing the frame in cement is no guarantee you won't lose everything else not locked down...

Cyclists Visits Hudson River Park And Leaves Bike Unlocked
Bike Security 101: Lock Your Tires, Lose Your Frame 

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