Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shepard Fairey Advertisement Gets Fully Bombed

Sometime in the early morning hours of Saturday May 15th, (the wall was tag free as of 12:30am) the Shepard Fairey advertisement on the Deitch Wall at Houston St, erected to drum up business for Fairey's line of posters and t-shirts at his pop-up store around the corner, was fully bombed.

Thus ends an almost 30 day wait for what many were anticipating with cautious optimism. As Tina Teens opined via Twitter: "I could care less about liking or hating Shepard Fairey, but I was waiting for somebody to do that! Killed it!!"

Check it out up close and personal below. Click through the photo for larger version or see them on NYC The Blog's Facebook page...
Tagged from L-R: BTM, At Large, Yolk, Alee3A, Yolk

BTM you might recall, recently put up a great tribute piece on the corner of Houston and Mott one block over.

If these pedestrians are any indication, they appear to confirm Tina Teens opinion above. Not many people care one way or the other.

# As an added bonus, not only did the wall get bombed by very large silver bubble pieces, but Paul Richard came back sometime yesterday to hang another, larger sign, after his first one was removed. This new one was also removed. One guess as to who is in possession of the sign now...

Check out more photos of the scene on NYC The Blog's Facebook page.

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