Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New York State Holding Unclaimed Funds For Newsweek, Anna Wintour, Rupert Murdoch, The MTA

New York State has almost 10 billion dollars in unclaimed monies waiting to be reunited with its proper owners. From unclaimed tax checks, rebates, overcharges from the electric company and other monies, the Office of Unclaimed Funds is set up online with an easy search function built in to assist you in determining if any of that cash if yours. And you should take a look, it's likely those shifty bastards at ConEd owe you money for overcharges.

But if you want to see if anyone else is eligible, by all means, search away. Newsweek for one, could certainly use all the money they've got coming to them, no?

Now that the magazine is on the block and looking for suitors, it would behoove them to settle up any outstanding debt and add some black to their balance sheets. New York State is currently holding 34 different debts owed to Newsweek from a variety of companies, for everything from unclaimed rebates, checks from vendors, refunds from utilities, funds from New York State Dep't of Tax and Finance and more. The funds owed Newsweek are from a range of companies; Tribune Corp, Bristol Myers Squibb Co, the State of Illinois, Knight Ridder, AT&T and others. Click through the photo at left for a closer look.

Time to get your independent women on and get your money Newsweek!

Hey MTA, short of funds lately? Go get your money dawg! Looking for a lost check, City Council of New York? New York State is holding two in your name.

And what about Anna Wintour? Citibank, American Express, NYC Dep't of Tax and Finance and Bergdorf Goodman are all financially indebted to Mrs. Wintour. Bergdorf for example owes Anna 'amounts due for undelivered goods or services.'

Rupert Murdoch? General Motors Corp has your money!

Do you own searching here, and share what you find.

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