Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Devil Wears Prada, And Has A Landline

Apparently people still have land lines. Do you remember those things? "Hello, this is the operator, I am making an emergency breakthrough…"

Landlines were pretty cool, but you can't Twitter from a land line. And as NYC The Blog randomly discovered by chance the other day while Googling for Liza Minnelli's version of New York New York, Google, good for all manner of things, is also good for finding publicly listed phone numbers of people who have publicly listed phone numbers for a land line. People like Anna Wintour and Liza Minnelli. Does Liza have one of those red lips phone? We bet she does.

At this time, though every number in the screen shot shown here rings, NYC The Blog has only confirmed the phone numbers for Anna Wintour, Andrew Krucoff*, and the Hammersteins of Salem NY. (those Hammersteins must be the famous ones right? Their answering machine message sounded famous).

Contacted via email for confirmation on the phone number, Andrew wrote, “oddly enough, i just disconnected it two weeks ago.” The Hammerstein Home in Salem NY had a cheery voice mail. “Hi, you’ve reached the Hammersteins! Please leave a message.” Upon reaching the home of Anna Wintour, we asked to speak to her. A young woman answered the phone, her daughter maybe? and informed us she was not in at this time. Asking for our name, and where we were calling from, I identified myself and sta, sta, stammered before I hung up the phone. Sorry Anna I didn’t mean to crank call you but I was unprepared! Had I not been, I would have liked to ask you if you were happy that fashion week was over, and if you are really getting replaced by that lady in France?

If anyone would like their information removed from Google Phonebook, you can go here to do so. Unfortunately Bernie Madoff's number is not listed.

*Andrew's address has been obscured because he's not really famous irl, just on the internets.
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