Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Welcome To Northattan, Where Politicians Are Defeated With Santeria

Almonte is an assistant gardener in the park, responsible for planting, pruning and cleaning up the playgrounds. Park cleanup is not the most pleasant job – especially on the many mornings when Almonte has to pick up big black garbage bags stuffed with animal corpses – the remains of Santeria religious sacrifices.


Almonte says she found other sacrifices this past summer around the time that local Councilman Miguel Martinez was forced to resign under corruption charges. Almonte believes the sacrifices were aimed at saving his political career. As news spread of embezzlement charges against Martinez, Almonte retrieved five bags in the park, each with a photo of Martinez inside.
Saving his career? They torpedoed it! Santeria for all corrupt pols!

The report and slideshow above comes from Northattan, a new website reported and edited by student journalists at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, covering northern Manhattan. It is an ambitious, wide reaching website, featuring original reporting, video, and audio. Here are some other reports you probably missed:

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++Touring Obama's New York

++Canal Street isn't the only area street vendors are feeling the heat from the NYPD. "New York City police, citing overcrowding, cracked down in September, chased out all vendors — licensed or unlicensed — from the north side of 125th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. Now the street’s original vendors have returned, but police are keeping a close eye on what they sell.

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