Thursday, December 10, 2009

Canal Street Crack Down; NYPD Watches From The Sky

On Tuesday, in what is becoming a periodic game of cat and mouse, the police swooped in and shut down 10 buildings and 30 stalls on Canal Street that were selling counterfeit merchandise.

This comes a few weeks after NYC The Blog photographed NYPD Skywatch units watching over the area. At the time, it seemed that "...they might be keeping an eye on the street vendors in the area selling Gucci sneakers on the cheap." If the NYPD was gathering intel, the vendors didn't seem to give a shit. No word on whether the minivans parked along nearby side streets were also nabbed.

"We're just not going to have any tolerance for people selling knock-offs. It's not fair to those companies that invest in their brand," Mayor Bloomberg said after the raid. 

Unfortunately for Bloomberg, tomorrow will bring thousands of young men and women back to Canal St. who disagree with the Mayor, many of whom will be buying the very same merchandise confiscated today.
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