Wednesday, November 25, 2009

House For Sale: Prince Street

Saw this gentleman on Prince St selling house music on CD. He goes by DJ NYCK, and clearly knows how to create a bit of sanity and sanctuary for himself on a little slice of sidewalk in New York City. I mean, cmon, check out that garden! Men who rock out with their own personal gardens are, far the most part, hotter than any of those you'll see on The Sartorialist, save for elderly european men maybe. So now you know.

You can see in the photo at right, his play on words doesn't end with the sign at his feet. His discs contain real estate jargon, and his business is called "Soulful Real Estate Locations." Indeed.

Below is a sample track from the CD. If you enjoy it the you might like to try the whole CD. DJ NYCK can be reached at Houseforsale [AT]

DJ NYCK: House For Sale - Track 9
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