Saturday, March 7, 2009

UPDATED: Vehicle Jumps Curb on 136th and Lenox, Crashes into Scaffolding and People

UPDATE: The Daily News is reporting: "One of the hardhats working on the scaffolding was critically injured and had to be dug out from a pile of twisted metal and shattered wood...John Consella, a construction worker who was across the street said, 'We pulled the scaffolding off and that's when we saw him. He was blue ... he was bleeding from the mouth and head.'"

At approximately 11:30am a van belonging to Lenox Locksmith and Alarm of 527 Lenox Ave crashed into scaffolding on a building at 523 Lenox Ave . Media reports are citing investigators who believe the van's accelerator became stuck. The vehicle hit scaffolding erected above a pharmacy at 523 Lenox Ave, as well as bystanders, and the scaffolding came crashing down. 1010Wins is reporting six people were hospitalized.According to witnesses on the scene who worked at the deli on the corner, they observed the van parked on 136th at the corner of Lenox Ave for two hours prior to the accident, with the driver in the van. An employee of the deli asserted it appeared that the driver was doing drugs. Asked why he thought that, the employee stated he saw the driver continually putting something to his mouth, as well as to his nose.

They described the driver attempting to drive the vehicle from his parked spot, at which point he jumped the curb and hit the scaffolding about twenty feet away.

There was a large amount of debris on the sidewalk and street where the scaffolding fell, including a chair that was strewn about in the street. A witness reported that the person sitting in the chair was hit by the van as he was selling his wares on the street. Also visible was a fallen postal carrier's mail cart who was in the deli at the time of the accident, and was not hurt.

More pictures of the scene and video of a witnesses account soon.
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