Tuesday, December 2, 2008


hsbc ad at jfk airport

, Hong Kong's favorite global bank, has blanketed NYC and major metropolitan cities with an ongoing series of advertisements intended to provoke a questioning of your belief systems. Are those prescription drugs for my back pain, or a little fun with my alcohol? Is Williamsburg a hott nasty mess of a community that should be razed, is it douchebag central, or the worst place to live in nyc?

The ads appear everywhere in NYC, with many concentrated in or on public transit --on subway walls, bus shelters, inside the trains, on buses themselves. And as the photo above shows, HSBC has gone the extra mile and covered the passenger dock for Air Canada at JFK airport in NYC. Pedestrians, commuters, baggage handlers, and people who have window seats on Air Canada will all be subjected to HSBC's advertisements. And fuck me, on account of their very impressive advertising campaign, if I didn't already have one bank that is holding my 800 dollars in life savings, I just might have walked into an HSBC branch here and opened an account.
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