Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is It Christmas Yet? Or Better Yet, How Old Do You Have To Be To Retire?

NYC The Blog will be back after the holidays with regularly scheduled posting, I think maybe. In the meantime, my favorite sequence of events on the internet right now --which means by the time you read this it will no longer be my favorite thing, but will just be a series of words I am very fond of.

1.) Someone in an ad agency filmed their co-workers having sex in the office.

2.) 'The Founder' comments on the post, "You won't find the video posted on any legit blog... it opens a door the size of Texas for a lawsuit... trust me on this... our lawyer said we were "idiots" for even considering posting it."

3.) The video was posted on Gawker.

That's it. See you soon. Happy Thanksgiving.
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