Wednesday, October 29, 2008

[UPDATED] New Poster Boy Work In Park Slope MR Tain Station On 9th Street Inspires A Multitude Of Look-Alikes

Poster boy look-alikes Park Slope 9th St R station

When NYC The Blog last wrote about Poster Boy it was to feature a piece seen in the 72nd St C train station that may or may not have been done by the artist himself. Animal cleared up any reservations about that work when they spoke with Poster Boy about the new work, where the artist said that he did not do the piece himself, but that it was still attributable, 'I didn't do it myself, but it is Poster Boy.'"

Last night NYC The Blog again spotted some new 'Poster Boy' work appearing in the 9th Street / 4th Avenue stop on the R Train in Park Slope last night. And as the piece noted above, the work seems to have a less complicated design aesthetic than the work Poster Boy has publicly taken credit for. An email sent to Poster Boy looking for confirmation of the work was not immediately returned.

UPDATE: Poster Boy sends word to NYC The Blog, "I saw the pics. That's Poster Boy alright. However you got the titles wrong on your flickr because I didn't see any look-alikes. You said it yourself it's all Poster Boy..."

Some of the pieces spotted last night might be said to be downright sloppy, though you could also call it abstract, or work that seems to transmit a lot of immediacy. Either way, it was all enjoyable to view and the inspiration that Poster Boy offers through his own work is one important facet of the re-imagining of the subway ads that seems to have inspired a number of others at this point. You can view the full set of six pieces here, or in the slideshow below

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