Thursday, September 11, 2008

Heckler At Bryant Park Fashion Week Skewers The Fashionably Fabulous

Monday afternoon, around the back stage entrance to the tents at Bryant Park for NYC Fashion Week, was the gentleman in the above video. He was out there for at least a good half-hour, and initially he appeared drunk, with others around kinda aghast at the developing situation. He did indeed seem to be an obnoxious intoxicated heckler, and his cat calling and heckling seemed to be just that, initially. But after crying out to an asian man, "Jackie Chan! Jackie Chan!" the anonymous heckler/comedian got a few laughs, and his routine started to pick up steam. He won the crowd the over, and people began to enjoy themselves, laughing along. He was skewering models and others alike with cries of "You're so famous!" "You wear that fabric so well!" and my personal favorite, "What are you eating? Where did you get that? I follow the trends! I want to buy it too!"

At one point he left to "get another drink." I never did see him return for a second act at the back stage entrance.

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