Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Put Your City On

dance theater of harlem2
Dancer Theater of Harlem at Harlem Summer Stage
  • A collection of Poster Boy art on Flickr <PosterBoy's Flickr> (via: Animal)
  • Shino Aguakate free tonight at Higbridge Park <City Parks>
  • Tourists on NYC (and its Bathrooms) <Gothamist>
  • Eyes on the Street: A Walk Down Broadway Boulevard <Streetsblog>
  • The Harlem Tea Rooms Last Cup, it will close in Sept. <Harlem World>
  • Hipster Hookers the Next Call Girls <Fifth Estate Blogs>
  • "Back in the days when bookselling was uninfected by the dubious influence of Oprah’s Book Club, I was employed at the historic Midtown Book Retailers, a New York City landmark." <Mr. Bellers Neighborhood>

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