Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NYCTB Recommends: Koger Financial Group of Harlem For Filing Your Income Tax

Derrick Howard
Koger Financial Group INC.
2503 A.C. Powell, Jr. Blvd
New York, New York, 10039
(212) 283-1510

NYC The Blog Recommends! That's worth it's wait in a carton of black market cigarettes, at least.

I would encourage anyone in Harlem who is in need of an accountant to file your taxes to consider Derrick Howard at Koger Financial Group for this service.

They were thorough, professional, and neat. He and his secretary were polite, patient, helpful, courteous, followed-up with phone calls, advice, suggestions, questions, and were always so polite and helpful. Derrick called a few times to ascertain the right facts and numbers, while also attempting make sure we claimed all the proper credits I were due. As well, even though Derrick has filed the taxes and I have paid him already, he is doing some follow up work on my behalf that is not necessary but is helpful to me.

Ultimately though, it was their bill for services that was very fair and considerate.
My taxes are not that difficult, but their was a bit of work in preparing them. State and Federal, and it had to be done twice. Past experience told me the price would be around $400.00. Initially I approached H&R Block, and they quoted me a price of almost $500.00. Another hole in the wall place I tried quoted a similar price. I was like, "um, that's kinda high."

Stopping by Koger Financial on 145th and Frederick Douglas Blvd., Derrick Howard sat me down at his desk, and we talked about what services I needed, and I asked him for a ball park figure on the cost, because I did not want to go thru all the motions just to hear a cost for services that was too high. He told me it would be about $225. I was happy to hear that, and left all the paper work with him.

After going thru all of the paperwork, Derrick's secretary Hazel called later that day to tell me that the cost to prepare them would be quite a bit more than initially anticipated. However, in an attempt to be fair, and without any prodding from me, Derrick offered me a substantial discount anyways, with the final price coming in at $300.00.

Derrick Howards at Koger sees value not only in their services, but also in their community by being fair and equitable with the people who inhabit it, doing so without any strings attached. That's the kind of value you can't charge that to a credit card.

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