Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kalahari Harlem

2-4 Bedroom Luxury Condominium Residences from $765000 to $1650000. 116th St. in Harlem. Two bedrooms at about 1,100 sq. ft. going for $765.000. Add a terrace to that and you're at about $950.000.

The best part of this is the copy at the website. It's really good, but Luxury Meets Green is great.
"The soul of Kalahari is its "green consciousness". Kalahari Harlem was designed with the goal of limiting the building's impact on the environment while still providing luxurious, modern homes."
HAHAHA! It's "green consciousness". Yah totes. $$ Green, no doubt.

"...limiting the building's impact on the environment..." Double HAHAHA! Like, fuk the neighborhood right? Lets recycle more and eat heirloom tomatoes.

Why is it called Kalahari? Well,
"The 116th and 115th Street public street facades and the private courtyard are interpretations of the vibrant cultural decorative traditions of Africa. Outwardly facing the neighborhood, the street elevations are inspired by the iconic designs of the Kalahari region's San Bushmen."
Slap. Slap.

And just in case anyone is confused about who the residences located in a new building on 116th St in Harlem are for, or haven't gotten around to reading the beautifully written copy, the developers have put a huge sign on the front of the building to help mitigate any confusion.


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