Friday, July 11, 2008

The Bridges NYC, East Harlem's Newest Expensive Apts. For People Who Def Will Not Be Shopping At The Goodwill Opening Up Next Door

The Bridges "a Manhattan to call your own, a culinary playground, a private retreat" on the corner of 123rd and 3rd Avenue.

As of yet all still appear to be empty, and a resident on the streets tells me they have been available for "oh, at least 6 months now." Told that the broker jus quoted me a price of $4,000 for a 1,200 sq.ft apt., the local resident notes that he has a "really nice bedroom around the corner for $1,200."

How much are the unfurnished 1200 sq ft to 1700 sq ft apartments renting for at The Bridges? (you can also opt for furnished apts.) Let's listen in.

"Hi Leo, this is Paolo, how much are the 1200 sq ft spaces renting for?"

"...$4,000. But I might have a few for a bit less."

"What's a bit less? $3,500?"

"yah. I can also negotiate a bit on those."

"ok, and what about the 1,700 sq ft apts?"

"Those are going for $5,600"

"ok, so what about those apts that you can be rented for less than $4,000? What's the story with those?"

"Well, I am negotiating to lease 8 of them in a block to a medical school. That might fall through, and if it does, I will lower their price individually to get some apartments rented quickly."

"Oh, I see. Cool. What medical school? Colombia?"

"No, actually they are for (inaudible)"

"Ok thanks..."

The Bridges website provides a handy list of shopping and dining options in the area. They forgot to list the Goodwill opening up next door, and the plethora or 99cent stores that line the block. And though they mention the transportation options nearby, "Near 4, 5 and 6 subway lines, Metro North and one block from the Triboro Bridge" there was no mention of the bus stops that are on almost every corner.

UPDATE: Curbed has covered this development recently, and the comments on that post are interesting, with one commenter making note of the buildings surroundings. "I walked by this trainwreck 2 days ago. As I recall it's across the street from a Firehouse (Sirens all the time 24/7), HEAVY traffic bothways (CROSS TOWN on 125th and running the length of Manhattan, 24/7, The PATHMARK across the street is a homeless, bottle/can collectors magnet! Around the clock, 24/7)."

Some more photos taken from The Bridges website below:

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