Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Subway Ratdemic Continues: Large Rat Rides A Train™ (Video)

A very large rat scurries about an A train recently in New York City
Hey, guess what? Rats on the Train™, again. A commuter recorded video of a very large rat running around an A train.

Seems like just last summer when Zita Allen, at the District Council 37 of American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees, was making a fuss about the massive reductions in City employees battling the rodent population—and the resulting increase in rats and other pests sure to follow. And it seems like just last week that amNewYork continued ringing the alarm. In reality, we're all a bunch of slobs, unwitting rat benefactors, which no amount of labor could ever remedy. As Chris Rovzar wrote at Daily Intel, we long ago lost the war when it comes to rats. "We've already seen it all," he lamented. The Rat Zoo they inhabit downtown, the attacks launched against commuters, the committed relationships they have formed with some of us. So this rat nearly as big as a kitten, running around an A train, is just another ho-hum reminder of our crushing defeat.

As if we needed anymore reasons why eating on the subway should be banned.

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