Friday, March 18, 2011

Angel "LA II" Ortiz Tagging Up The East Village

Artist Angel "LA II" Ortiz has been busy. As you can see in the photo at left, (nicked from EV Grieve), Ortiz recently embellished the Joe Strummer mural on Seventh Street and Avenue A with his LA ROC tag and a few highlights. DNAInfo reports he was arrested for tagging a wall on Second Avenue last week. And he once again left his mark on the Bowery Wall, as well as recorded a short video recounting a weekend out with Keith Haring, his one time collaborator, in the 80s. A commenter on EV Grieve isn't happy with Ortiz's recent burst of activity, "who's suddenly leaving his mark all over these days." "Personally," they wrote, "I'm pissed, cuz the E-ville is NOT his, no matter how many places he leaves his name." True, the East Village does not belong to one man. But Ortiz has been around for a few decades, so maybe he can have a just little of it?

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