Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Television Series About New York City Exterminators Planned

Optomen, a production company working on a new show for Animal Planet—a documentary series about exterminators who live and work in New York City—is looking for people to participate in the series who have "severe pest infestations of any kind," from cockroaches, bedbugs, rats or raccoons! Those selected to participate will receive free pest control services and follow up. Read their call for participants below.


A new series on Animal Planet is looking to solve pest problems and infestations in all 5 boroughs. They’ll set you up with an accredited local pest control company that will tackle your pest problem FOR FREE, (UPDATE: Optomen wrote in to explain they goofed on the FREE part: "Legally we can not make any guarantees on behalf of Animal Planet or advertise that they are offering a free service.") and follow the process of making your home or business pest-free. They’re looking for severe pest infestations of any kind, from cockroaches and bedbugs to rats and raccoons. No infestation is too severe for their team. All correspondence will be kept strictly confidential AND they won’t even need to mention or show the name or location of your business or home/apt. This is a great opportunity to have some of the best experts in the business put an end to your infestation. If Interested, please send an email to with a brief description of your infestation along with any photos/documentation of the problem (if possible). In the subject line of the email, please indicate what kind of pest you’re having a problem with.
They should definitely stop by Collect Pond Park and check out the Rat Zoo.

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