Friday, February 4, 2011

UPDATED: Brooklyn Burglars Bumrushed By Police (Video)

After burglars spent about 30 minutes stealing a moving truck worth of scrap metal from street side lot at a warehouse in Ridgewood, Brooklyn on December 18—with pedestrians and vehicles passing by—"a squadron of police cars" finally arrived and arrested the thieves. Watch the police roll up on the perpetrators in the surveillance video below, around the 7:30 mark. See the first part of the heist from a closer camera angle here.

UDPATE: See the comments for more conversation about Ridgewood, Queens and Ridgewood, Brooklyn. Comments seem to be snafu for a moment and not displaying. Elanpeskin wrote: "Ridgewood is in Queens. Shouldn't NYCtheBlog know its neighborhoods and boroughs?"

And I responded: "Actually having this conversation right now with a resident of Ridgewood, Queens. I did know there was a Ridgewood, Queens. I did not know that what people call Ridgewood, Brooklyn, including the individual who uploaded the video above, was in dispute.

As Forgotten NY wrote: The Kings-Queens border has been shifted several times over the years, and Ridgewood has always suffered somewhat of an identity crisis because of it.

This rock was supposed to settle it once and for all.

BTW, I've just 'liked' the Ridgewood, Brooklyn Facebook page.

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