Monday, January 10, 2011

The Most Unconventional And Comical Arrest Ever Recorded

Last Thursday at approximately 9:30 pm in the Woodlawn station of the Bronx, a neighborhood resident witnessed a ruckus involving an NYPD officer. What follows is a video so outlandish— full of reckless and vulgar verbal abuse by the arrested subject and unprofessional behavior by the officer—that it seems plausible the officer is not a professional NYPD officer but a member of the NYPD's Auxiliary Police. NYC The Blog has a call into the 47th precinct looking for more information and will update if they get back. UPDATE: 47th advised to call the DCPI, who have requested a copy of the video for review.

In the video seen below, provided to NYC The Blog by YouTube user EverybodyCanGetIt, who recorded the scene, the officer is shown engaging a verbally abusive and threatening person without making an arrest for over four minutes. Instead, the officer pins him to the ground, throws his hat, pushes him down the stairs, hits him once, threatens him with a baton, wrestles him to the ground and challenges him to make a move—all while engaged in a ridiculous war of words. "Get up." "F*ck you!" "Get up." "Fuck you!" At the 41 second mark, as the officer is shoving the subject down the stairs, he spins the man around and broadsides him with a right hook. "Yah, I like that," replies the man, adding for good measure: "Fuck you...suck my're a pussy." At the 1:08 mark, it appears if the subject mimics a gun with his hands and points it at the officers face. He takes his jacket off and challenges the officer to fight once again. The officer removes his baton and approaches. "Oh you're gonna shoot me?" the man asks. "You're a pussy," he again tells the officer. "I'm not the one who just got dragged down the stairs," retorts the officer. Watch the video below.

It is unclear what prompted the altercation between the two, but the resident who filmed the video told NYC The Blog: "The guy...was 100% high or intoxicated." When the officer finally put the man in handcuffs and called for backup, the videographer reported seeing six officers in three police cars arriving "five minutes later."

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