Thursday, January 20, 2011

UPDATE: IT'S A PRANK: Lizzie Grubman's Personal Ad

NYC The Blog has heard from a reliable source, who spoke to Lizzie, that the ad is a prank and she denies placing it.

39-year-old Lizzie Grubman, well known public relations professional and "runner-over-of regular people," split from her husband in December. It appears she didn't wait long to get back in the dating game, placing a personal ad in V-Mail—the "international" personals section of downtown fashion magazine V Magazine—in their recent "Who Cares About Age" Winter issue. She's 36 in the ad. Considering it could be a prank, (though V Magazine would have caught that, no?) NYC The Blog emailed Lizzie at the address provided (twitter too!): "Have you received any worthwhile responses? Gone on any dates?" Even made our self available for a cappuccino at Cafe Gitane. No one on the other end of that email address has responded. See the ad up close, below:

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