Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hopeful Restaurateur In SoHo Reaches Out To Community

The "for lease" sign that used to hang at 5 King Street, just south of Houston, is soon to become a "just opened" sign. The optimistic owner has posted flyers around the neighborhood reaching out to residents, hoping to allay any fears and 'build community.' Poor guy must have nightmares about Anna Wintour showing up at the Community Board 2 meeting next Wednesday and speaking out against the restaurants application for a liquor license. To head her off at the pass, the owner has posted flyers posted around the neighborhood inviting residents to call or email with any questions or concerns they might have, in advance of the CB2 meeting.

"It is a small space of 1,200 feet," the flyer expains. Not some huge eyesore of a place like Pulino's. See the flyer in large size below.

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