Friday, September 24, 2010

UPDATED: Safety First: CVS Truck Parks In Bus Lane

Safety is the goal of CVS while making deliveries, but that consideration for safety does not, apparently, extend to New Yorkers riding the buses. As seen in the photo above, a CVS delivery truck was parked—engine off—in a south bound bus lane on 5th Avenue near 30th Street. Two buses came and went in the time I witnessed the truck there, which was no longer delivering anything, but simply parked in the bus lane. Passengers stepping onto and departing off the bus are now put in the potentially dangerous situation of having to step off the bus and into the road. Able bodied and alert passengers might be ok, but what of the elderly or disabled?

NYC The Blog has emailed CVS with these concerns, as well as inquiring about their protocol for making deliveries; specifically asking if CVS permits their trucks to park in bus lanes. I'll update the post with any information they provide. UPDATE: NYCT Buses responded to an inquiry made via Twitter and explained: "You can park in front of a stop but it depends on posted regulation. It could be right-turns only or reserved for deliveries." So the question remains, what were the regulations at this particular location? To be countinued...

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