Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Noisy Source Of Noise Keeps Upper East Sider Awake

According to at least one Upper East Side resident, "an incinerator or some other form of cooling system or machinery" is noisily operating from 10pm until the next morning somewhere in the vicinity of the 90s near Lexington Avenue.  The machine, it is alleged, starts and stops over and over again, every four minutes. (Click photo for larger view).

The resident has posted simple signs around the neighborhood asking others if they can identify the source, and encouraging people to call 311 if they are also kept awake by the noise. This seems like a democratic way of dealing with the situation. Though concerns about noise pollution in a metropolis might be easy to snicker at, the detrimental health effects that result are well documented. As a result, you can probably safely assume noise pollution plays a part in the amplified, aggressive or unpredictable behavior of many individuals.

Though everyone knows you can call 311, Gotham Gazette published a handy guide years back with direct numbers to each city agency responsible for varied noise complaints. (See the sidebar in blue.) And Streetsblog is concerned about honking horns, which I consider the most egregious offenders. In addition to CompStat, Streetsblog suggested, "...maybe it's time for a NoiseStat."

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