Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hellman Electric Corp. Repainting Every Traffic Light Pole From Houston Street To Canal Street

Employees of Hellman Electric Corp. clean and repaint traffic light poles on Spring Street at Broadway

Earlier this summer, employees of Hellman Electric Corp. were seen on the corner of Elizabeth and Broome giving traffic light poles a new coat of paint. Later that week, the same men were seen cleaning and painting poles on the corner of Broadway and Spring Street at 6 in the morning.

The company, explained the employee as he scraped a pole, has a contract to clean and repaint every single light pole from Houston Street to Canal Street, river to river. How many is that? "A lot."
They characterized the poles in the Soho as the hardest to maintain, as they are covered with more fliers, tape and other material than is found in other neighborhoods. All of which will need to be scraped and removed before they can begin to repaint the poles. The two man team expect to be done with the project sometime in October.

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