Monday, August 9, 2010

UPDATED: Summertime Recreation: Children's Fight Club In Harlem Park

Several organized, semi-supervised and perhaps illicit boxing matches amongst young teens were recorded taking place in a Harlem park and uploaded to YouTube by HypedTV last week. Surrounded by onlookers, the kids wear boxing gloves, throw some cheap shots to the back of the head, and in one case, land a knees buckling blow.

Emails to HypedTV's YouTube account and website looking for more information were not returned and questions remain. Is it a regular event? Are their any referees? What are the rules, and who organizes the matches? Can the kids end the match by walking away, as happened twice in the video above?

UPDATE: No one from HypedTV got back, but I did hear from a source who spoke with the person who shot the video with a couple more details. He informed the video was filmed in 2005 at an unidentified playground in Harlem and seemed to be a "spontaneous, unorganized event."

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