Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Street Fight On Canal And Broadway: How Not To Go About It

Caution: video contains strong language and a very embarrassing beat down.

It's summer time in New York City. Many residents will enjoy all New York City has to offer, for example the Department of Transportation's Summer Streets initiative. Yet many others will enjoy a little summer street fighting. Like the kids in the video above. The first 80 seconds are absolutely cringe worthy chest thumping from possibly intoxicated teenagers directed at larger men in a larger group. And it's never a good sign when a pedestrian passing by gives you the "talk to the hand."

That said, at the 1:20, the video goes from embarrassing to dangerous. One of the kids very awkwardly approaches the other group and takes a fighting stance. Perceptively, the women filming can see the writing on the wall, gloomily remarking: "Oh wait, no this might be bad." The teenager is swiftly taken down to the ground and has his head banged into the pavement a couple times while passersby scream in fear at the sight and call the police, all the while pleading at the fighters to stop. The teenager's other friends who were so brazen just moments ago, stand around helplessly and make no attempt to get involved.

From the looks of it, the kid who initiated the fight seems to be ok. He gets up and walks away, and the group of kids inexplicably start talking shit again. "Wash your hands, go home, and learn a lesson," a concerned witness tells them, who earlier tried to play peacemaker. He continued, wisely informing them: "Learn how to fight n*** before you talk shit."

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