Monday, July 19, 2010

Tribeca Residents Fire Salvo In Piss And Sh*t War

New York City's Piss and Sh*t War continue unabated. Three residents of Tribeca, "The Friends of Finn Square," Judy Duffy, Barbara Fultz and Jessica Raimi, wrote to The Tribeca Trib to put their neighbors on blast. The FFS detail "two complaints about certain of our neighbors" who use Finn Square, a triangular shaped garden at Varick’s intersection with West Broadway and Franklin Street.

Guess who the offenders are?

"The Friends of Finn Square" explain:
Although there are signs stating that dogs aren’t allowed, some people think this doesn’t apply to them and their special pets. But dogs and gardens don’t mix. Even if you pick up after your dog, you are still exposing the plants to dog urine, which kills the plants quickly. In past summers, you have all seen the brown, dried-up remains of once glorious plants at the exposed edges of Finn Square. In addition, dogs cannot be expected to walk carefully to avoid crushing fragile flowers. Please curb your dog.
Finn Square gardeners: ‘Help keep our garden lovely!’ [The Tribeca Trib]

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