Friday, July 9, 2010

Put Your City On: Knitta Please; Reduce Your Parking Ticket; Miniature NYC; Backyard Chickens; More!

Seen on Kenmare Street at Cleveland Place.
  • Pro Tip: For NYC parking tickets, if you choose "request a hearing" option online, you immediately get a reduced "settlement" offer. [@sstrudeau]
  • Classic City Storefronts Live On Forever In Miniature Form [Curbed
  • Knitta Please has been busy in New York City this week. Her latest is a bicycle [NYCTT
  • What the Cluck?! Backyard Chicken-Keeping Booming in New York City [WNYC]
  • The Onion removes itself from distribution on the Upper West Side [DNAinfo
  • Video from yesterday's fire on East Houston Street [Gammablog]
  • On the Street...Heat Wave, New York City [The Sartorialist
  • It's here. Starbucks now has free wi-fi for everyone. Prepare for laptop madness at Starbucks across New York City [NYCTT]  
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