Thursday, July 22, 2010

Put Your City On: Interviewing Dogs; Kayak For Free; Helping NYC; Double Rainbows; More!

Kayaking on the Hudson
  • Kayak for free on the Hudson River during the summer [Downtown Boathouse]
  • A child is struck and killed on east 170th Street in the Bronx [@NYScanner]
  • New York City is a piece of cake, delicious like cupcakes [NYCTT]   
  • Fire Hydrants and the Urban Rainbow [Westside Independent
  • Do co-op boards really interview dogs? [@Jenny8Lee]  
  • I push the crosswalk buttons along the West Side Highway even when I don't cross, so drivers can take a moment to contemplate their role in Global Warming. What have YOU done today to make NYC a better place? [Restless
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