Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sloane NYC Closes; Designer Opens Eponymous Boutique On Greene Street

Sloane NYC closed their doors on the corner of Mott and Broome streets, but not all is lost for those who loved owner and designer Brian Stanziale's one of a kind pieces. Stanziale has opened an eponymous outlet at 112 Greene Street, inside The Garment Room. Sloane NYC was on Mott St since October of last year at a favorable rate but without a lease. Now the landlord has a leased tenant and Brian found a new space.

Note a new awning has already been installed above a small part of the space advertising "The Hole." Sounds so dirty and degenerate, like The Cock (the original Cock on Avenue A). A walk by the blackened windows of The Hole one night last week showed a woman feverishly and, with great success, hip-hop dancing in front of a mirror.

So what's your guess? The Hole is a bar (an 13% chance), a tattoo parlor (a 24% chance), a dance studio (a 35% chance), an art gallery (38% percent chance) a restaurtant (a 46% chance) or a clothing boutique (78% chance)?

Anyone guessing the correct answer wins a free copy of The Best of New York in Just 10 Seconds. UPDATE: Comments on the blog are down temporarily due to an unexplained technical glitch! In the meantime you can leave any guess on NYC The Blog's facebook page.
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