Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Respect The Beach: Los Angeles Food Truck 'Green Truck' Has Arrived In NYC

Los Angeles' own Green Truck has arrived in New York City for their planned expansion into the lively food truck scene here. 

Profiled by The Wall Street Journal last summer as one of the top ten food trucks in the nation, the environmentally inclined Green Truck was spotted last night parked on Hudson Street in the West Village (not-in-service), still repping California hard with CA license plates. Damn...that is some real brazen shit. If these food trucks in NYC had any sense, they would get a diss track out on the streets yesterday. 

According to their website, the Green Trucks run on vegetable oil, their food packaging containers are made from biodegradable products, they use only certified organic ingredients and any extra energy the truck produces is added to the city's power supply.

The online truck locator does not yet reflect their locations on the streets of New York City, but of course, you can watch the Twitter

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