Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Put Your City On: Vibrating Ass; Secret Basketball; Specter Tower Under BQE; More!

Basketball hoop in an East Village courtyard
  • Specter Installs Tower Below BQE [The Street Spot]
  • Blue Jay Fledglings in Morningside Heights [Urban Hawks]
  • Jennifer 8. Lee finds a vibrating ass in Chelsea [Jennifer 8. Lee]
  • Rag & Bone to occupy old Cafe Colonial space: "wish the owners of Cafe Colonial the best and very much hope they reopen around the corner." [BoweryBoogie
  • Burmese Yummies in Woodside, Queens, Including "Assorted Pig Internals" [WNYC]
  • The battle for Chinatown begins in earnest. Spoiler alert: Someone will get f*cked [WSJ Greater New York]
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