Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Turning Lane For Cyclists Introduced On Bowery At Prince Street

The New York City DOT recently finished a new turn lane for cyclists turning west onto Prince from Bowery. The lane provides riders a path on the right side of traffic turning west, allowing bikes a safe route for their own west turn. Previous, it was normal for cyclists to migrate to the left lane of traffic on Bowery before continuing west onto Prince, a not entirely safe situation for anyone, particularly with barely any median to speak of and other lanes of traffic traveling southbound on Bowery, as Cyclosity pointed out.

Below, see a helpful primer with photographs displaying incorrect and correct use of the new turn lane. Because otherwise all your friends from the Netherlands will laugh at you for not knowing how to cycle properly.

Correct use of lane. Notice riders maintain their lane on the right hand side, and then turn left with traffic, continuing in the right hand lane.

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