Friday, June 25, 2010

Dramatic Changes To The Appearance Of Petrosino Park

After watching constant incremental interruptions at Petrosino Park since it opened last fall turn into large scale disruptions and major unexplained renovations this month, NYC The Blog called Council Member Margaret Chin and the Parks Department on Monday to get the 411.

The information provided by Chin's office, along with photos showing the disrepair and initial improvements, were posted here this past Tuesday.

Fast forward to yesterday, and things have changed dramatically.

The weeds that were getting out of hand in the overgrown landscaping have disappeared, and the bed of ground cover and flowers were drastically cut back. A handful of sunflowers (!!) are all that remain above the ground cover now.

All the tree beds along the sidewalks were also spruced up; the weeds removed and new plantings added.

Lastly, the southeast corner, which had been acting as a makeshift graveyard for dead and dying potted plants and construction material, was cleaned out and emptied, and neatly leveled with dirt.

As welcome a development and fantastic work all of this is, the best is yet to come.

Ralph Musolino, Park Department Manager in Manhattan District 1&2, emailed NYC The Blog on Wednesday to provide a quick update about the work currently underway. There is something truly special in store for Petrosino Square Park...more information on Monday! 

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