Thursday, May 27, 2010

Threatened By Inevitable Development, Handpainted Ads On Corner Lot In Nolita Continue To Exist Until Then

A hand painted advertisement for Lexus was recently added to the wall adjacent to a long empty lot on Mulberry Street at the corner of Prince.

Plans for a Shake Shack in the lot recently fell through in the face of neighborhood opposition. More recently, McNally Jackson Books, who maintain a popular storefront across the street, shared on Twitter that neighborhood residents have "floated the idea of a "Reading Park" in the empty lot across Prince street from us."

For now, it continues its use as an advertising venue and umbrella graveyard

Below, watch a short time lapse video of an artist painting an ad for Intermix that graced the same wall last fall...

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Photo/Video credit: Paolo Mastrangelo/NYC The Blog
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