Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Put Your City On

Amateur plane spotter with security breaching prime seats at Bayhouse Restaurant in Queens captures Air Force One as it approaches the runway at JFK for President Obama's visit last week / Photo Credit: NYCAddict at
  • Pier 62 Skatepark NYC Opening Day []
  • "If you doin your thing out on West 4th, you get recognized..." [The Cage]
  • Howard Stern enjoys a meal at Frying Pan in Hudson River Park [Twitpic via Twitter]
  • When you're one of the best cafes below Houston St, it doesn't matter much that your website never really got off the ground. []
  • One resident's favorite spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Where are yours? [The Phenthouse]
  • Robert Sietsema at The Village Voice visits the new Limelight Marketplace, and is enthused to dislike it. [Fork in the Road]
  • Its the comment section that really adds a certain je ne se qua to a website [Eater]
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