Monday, May 24, 2010

Piano Music In Washington Square Park

People are talking about "Street Pianos," a public art project coming to New York City this summer. The project is officially called Play Me, I'm Yours, and will distribute 60 pianos across the city in varying locations, from June 21 to July 5. The pianos will be available for anyone to play.

In a similar yet more limited public music project, it should be noted that Colin Huggins has been playing his piano in public for a couple of years now, in subway stations, parks, and anywhere else he can roll it. Yes, that's right, roll it. Huggins keeps a few pianos in storage units around Manhattan, rolling them down, or up, city streets to one of his favored playing spots.

NYC The Blog spotted him in Washington Square Park a couple of Saturdays ago, and he informed us he intends to continue playing there each Saturday, weather permitting. True to his word, he was spotted there this past Saturday; the requisite Twitpic confirms.

Watch video of Colin and his piano in Washington Square Park, enjoyed by park users and the NYPD...

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Video credit: Paolo Mastrangelo/NYC The Blog
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