Saturday, May 1, 2010

On The Evacuation Of The Shubert Theater During Times Square Closure

Tumblr user Zorica, whose father is on a crew currently working at the Shubert Theater, has commented on the evacuation of the Shubert during the closure of Times Square, where they would not let anyone out at intermission as normal:
When the show was over the entire audience was made to leave via the alley rather than the street. So something is going on and it sounds a bit more involved than a car fire.

The underground stagehand network (a pretty cool thing actually, they all talk to each other on IM and gmail while the shows are going on, giving each other advice etc when there are glitches in the automation, or whatever - it’s kind of like no matter what show you’re on, you’re tapped into the others as well) was saying that there were three controlled explosions, the cops detonating things they’d found. It’s possible the source of such things is, to use a tired Broadway joke, a Phantom.

(live photo of Times Square via earthcam)

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