Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dirtffiti Infraction Spotted At Borough Hall Station

Seen any unsightly or offensive language on your morning commute lately? Did someone draw a large penis on the seat you were going to sit on?

If you've had it up to here with distasteful language on subway walls while commuting on your way to Kate Spade, you tweeted that shit right to the MTA's Twitter, @MTAinsider, informing them: "Sally Shitfoot" Court St, R, splash w/ water plz."

@MTA Insider promptly responded, passing the complaint along to @NYCTSubwayScoop. They in turn passed it along "to Line Management."

Hopefully Line Managemnt sent a crew down there that evening to erase the unsightly dirtffiti. Your morning commute is bad enough without being further beleaguered by messages some degenerate scrawled out of exhaust and filth and grime on the subway wall across from you.

Can anyone confirm if the offending language is still there? The infraction was committed on the MR line at the Court St - Borough Hall StationAddress: in Brooklyn. Send in your info!

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