Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Something Borrowed" Filming In Little Italy At Spring Lounge

Something Borrowed, starring Kate Hudson and Colin Farrell, has been filming in Little Italy this week. Trailers line Prince and Mott St, and craft services are set up along Desalvio playground.

The corner of Spring and Mulberry is ground zero, with scenes currently being filmed inside Spring Lounge.

Below, a photo of that corner as it looked in the morning, and then the next evening during shooting.

And here's some video of the growing scene on the street yesterday evening, as curious onlookers, fans, neighborhood residents and employees on set collided in a carefully orchestrated controlled chaos. 

On the opposite side of the corner filmed above, a group of eight women anxiously waited with their cameras at the ready for a glimpse, or perhaps even an autograph from one of the stars.

A hapless production assistant spent her time running back and forth politely asking pedestrians to keep moving, and imploring the gathered onlookers to keep the flash off their camera, stay out of the shots, and to be silent during filming. Most everyone ignored her.

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